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If you have enjoyed this site then please send me a message. All feedback gratefully received. I will happily buy, sell or value old football games.

I produce teams inspired by Soccer Craft
Hello!!! I am passionate about football and I was introduced to subbuteo in my childhood my father was from the Merchant Navy and traveled frequently to Europe and he brought me some Italian calcio teams. Over the years I lost those teams and walked away from this fun. Now older and because of the Covid pandemic I decided to reactivate my passion for subbuteo as it is expensive to import teams to Brazil where I live so I decided to create the teams and players myself.
If you are interested, I can send you pictures of my work for you to see. And if you want specific teams for specific seasons, I can produce these pieces. I await your contact. Until later.
Posted by Olavo Cunha on 14 July 2022
I have Soccard 1985 edition and was wondering if anyone has any information on it
Posted by Darren on 18 March 2022
Thank you for your post about this game. 4 generations in my family play this. Really good fun.
Posted by Jeanie Clifford on 05 March 2022
Hi from Finland. Very interesting to see all these fascinating football games! I have the Stiga football game from the 1970's. If you still need an extra player, I have one for you.

I am an avid table hockey player and I wish there was a similar site for table hockey games! In case you are interested in competitive table hockey, please check out the ITHF (International Table Hockey Federation) website. The official game is made by Stiga and it is based on the same model as the football game.

Keep up the good work!
Posted by Jari on 05 February 2022
Soccerama Prototype
Hi from Melbourne Australia.
I have just been browsing your excellent website and it brought back many happy memories of my 1960's childhood in the UK. If I had only known you were searching for a Soccerama prototype, you could have had mine!
I brought it to Australia with me when we emigrated in 1969. I remember sending away for it after seeing an ad in Football Monthly. The only differences I can see between mine and yours is mine comes in a white box with the sticker, and my pen top playing pieces are a different shape to yours.
A great website, keep up the good work!
Regards, Steve.
Posted by Steve Brett on 21 August 2021
Picture card on banner
Posted on 17 February 2021
Game from my childhood
Posted on 11 June 2020
My dream website!!
Posted on 11 June 2020
Thank you
Posted on 25 March 2020
Wembley game
Posted on 25 December 2019
Super League Football Manager.
Posted on 19 July 2018
world cup
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Penalty ! pitch
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Stat based game 1980's
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Penalty Football Game
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Soccerama Prototype
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wembley trophy ball
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Chad valley football stadium
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There the Stargames Bonus
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Corinthian Soccer
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Luda football game
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brings back the memories
Posted on 06 January 2016
Soccerette for sale
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Soccerette 5 a side
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Old game hunting
Posted on 25 October 2015
Old game
Posted on 16 August 2015
iconic orange football
Posted on 07 July 2015
Posted on 17 June 2015
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