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Super League Football Manager.
Hi, I have a copy of the Super League Football Manager board game, Leeds Utd edition. All cards, board, and pieces are in immaculate condition. I have heard it is very rare and wondered if it has any value at all.
Posted by Andrew Gelder on 19 July 2018
You did not provide any contact details! I'd love to see a picture to help value it. It does sound very rare.
Posted by Paul on 20 July 2018
world cup
The site is very nice and I like the game World Cup Football (Minden)
An original game using a very simple pitch plus a combination of playing cards and dice to determine moves and goalscorers. Comprises a few simple photocopied sheets. How can I do it for you? Hello Vincenzo
Posted by Vincenzo D'Orsi on 28 November 2017
Penalty ! pitch
Thanx for a most enjoyable site. Loved Shoot, Penalty, and subbuteo as a kid.
My Penalty ! pitch was in tatters and using msword I have created a pretty good A3 replica in .pdf format. This can be printed out on a good colour printer and even laminated !
Happy to share with anyone who needs a new pitch.
Also have some magnetic footballers that I can't see on the site. Is there a way I can send photos ?
Cheers Rodger
Posted by Rodger on 21 January 2017
Stat based game 1980's
I am seeking a game I played in the 80's.It was a stat based game only available by post advertised in World Soccer. You bought particular seasons and used dice as far as I recall and you could subscribe to obtain latest seasons updates. It was very detailed stat wise.
F1 and other sports versions were also available. Any idea what it was called?
Love to get hold of a set again.Anyone?
Posted by peter on 28 November 2016
Penalty Football Game
I've bought a good set this of Penalty off eBay but to relive my youth, 50 years ago. Unfortunately there are only 51 cards. Is there ant way i can find out which is missing?
I have the Penalty card, 5 Goalkeeper cards, 4 Corner cards, 4 Free Kicks, 17 'Hand' cards, 10 'spot' cards and 10 'square' cards.
Posted by Martin Bodimeade on 07 July 2016
You are missing one of the 'hand' symbol cards. Here is the list of all 18 card moves.
6 up
4 3 5 up
3 3 up then diag
6 up
7 4 3 up
2 side 7 up
8 up
4 diag 4 up
3 up 3 diag
7 up 3 diag
9 up
5 side 3 up
3 diag 6 up
5 up
4 diag
3 diag
3 side 6 up
5 diag
Posted by Paul on 10 July 2016
Posted on 09 June 2016
Soccerama Prototype
Posted on 18 May 2016
wembley trophy ball
Posted on 21 April 2016
Chad valley football stadium
Posted on 17 April 2016
There the Stargames Bonus
Posted on 17 February 2016
Corinthian Soccer
Posted on 24 January 2016
Luda football game
Posted on 14 January 2016
brings back the memories
Posted on 06 January 2016
Soccerette for sale
Posted on 13 December 2015
Soccerette 5 a side
Posted on 25 October 2015
Old game hunting
Posted on 25 October 2015
Old game
Posted on 16 August 2015
iconic orange football
Posted on 07 July 2015
Posted on 17 June 2015
Soccer quiz game
Posted on 19 May 2015
I am looking for a particular game
Posted on 01 April 2015
Super Soccer
Posted on 07 February 2015
Super Soccer 11 a side deluxe set
Posted on 05 February 2015
CUP FINAL board game
Posted on 29 December 2014
424/grand slam/premier league game
Posted on 03 December 2014
Cap guns
Posted on 27 November 2014
old game?
Posted on 13 October 2014
Posted on 25 August 2014
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