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Skillball (George Best)

Gambling game made in Ireland in the 1970s

Total Petrol Stars of the 1970s figures and stand

After thirty years of searching I finally find the display stand, happy days!

Mortonson's World Cup Soccer Game

Lovely game full of team cards, draw sheets and dice enabling you to conduct a full world cup - Uraguay and Columbia made it to the final of the world cup of spelling!


A stunningly original game with wooden players, looks homemade but was produced for retail sale.

Hipp Hipp Hurra

Very similar to Tipp Kick but made to a very high standard in wood.

Seamor Club Football table soccer game

What a find, this magnificent old game is beautifully made and there is absolutely no mention of it to be found anywhere online - do you know anything about it?

Reinhard Libuda - What's special about this coin?

This coin is one issued as part of the 1969 Traum Elf set by Shell in Germany.


All four different sets of the classic Pepy's card game are available to buy.

Premier League Derby game sets

I have six of these recent re-releases of the classic TAF 4-2-4 football games. Complete with VHS video. Each ones takes a classic derby rivalry - except oddly Blackburn v Liverpool when Liverpool v Everton is also available.

France98 world cup medallion collection

A superb collectable set of medallions, 36 in total with collectors folder. Includes the impossible to find 'France Winners' medallion.

Football Speculator 1937 board game

Super old board game unashamedly copied from Monopoly. Great teams, great game board. Do you have the rulesheet?

Kaufring Supermarkets set of 1974 German world cup country coins

Full set in folder plus a loose set of coins issued in Germany for the 1974 world cup.

Brazil 1970 World Cup set of metal player collectable coins/medals

A magnificent collectors book full of various sets of metal discs including the 1970 world cup team, Brazilian football team badges, cars, rockets, famous people, roadsigns and many more

 Premiership team fridge magnets by Fridge Magic

A set of 60 magnets - the crest and home and away shirts for all 1996/97 Premiership teams. I need three away shirts to complete my collection - help me!


Logacta, the greatest football game ever. Back in stock again, complete used game £125 - click the image opposite.

Who are these guys?

Found them! From Vernon No. 5 Table Soccer game.

Kika Goal! (rolled pitch version)

A second version of the Kika Goal game, this one has an ingenious rolled pitch design.

Supremos 1967

A very rare board game by Daneham Cottage Products, full of colour and nice designs offering the usual mix of money, incident cards, player cards and dice. Well worth a look.


Peter Barnes Foldaway football game

A newly aquired little gem of a game that I had not heard of before. Great to play, nicely designed and complete with spinner!

 Mini-Soccer early football board game desperately wanted!

Top price paid for this superb 1950s football game with large cloth pitch.

 Football coin and medallions collections

 As I approach fifty different sets of collectable football coins it is time to start building my site pages to catalogue them. Also includes similar collectable sets that are not coins.


A cross between football and chess apparently. An old Swiss made board game.

 Mystery tin football figures

Two teams of eleven small tin footballers, do you recognise them?

The International Football Game (1929)

A cross between football and billiards - take a look!

Finger Football

This 'Junior Model' is over four feet in length!!

Socrates by Newfooty

I am delighted to now have three different Socrates magnetic football sets detailed on this site.

Click on the image to go to all three versions of this game.

Penny Soccer (restored)

A delightfully simple metal and wood game - roll the old pennies down the shoot and add up the score of the targets you knock down.

Johnny Hot Shot painted figures

Just take a look at this superb outdoor game version of Johnny Hot Shot including wonderfully painted figures. Thank you to Paul from Liverpool for sharing his wonderful creations.

Simple Soccer

A recent game from 2010 that shows just what can be achieved with some design skills and a colour printer. Fabulous looking game with dozens of colour team sheets.

Stanmath, what a game!

Fabulous 1950s football game that combines Subbuteo and Tidleywinks on a baize pitch. Endorsed by Sir Stanley of course. Great game, crap name!

Soccerette Junior

The 'starter set' for the long running Soccerette series of magnetic football games. This set has a major flaw in that the pitch was made of cardboard which warps over time.


A wooden magnetic game from Czechoslovakia. Extremely original and lovely figures!


Highly original 1950s game by Spears that promises a lot but delivers figures that are impossible to play with!

Kika Goal

Interesting 1950s forerunner to the Striker series of games. Superbly designed box and with keepers whose handles are a mechanical marvel!

The Bandai mechanical kicking footballer

Huge and rather splendid mechanical kicking footballer by Bandai. Come and take a look by clicking on the photo.

Incredibly rare Newrugger game made by Newfooty

What am I doing including an egg chasing game on this footballing temple? Newrugger was a short lived game made by Newfooty and comes on a double sided pitch with 'Socrates' on the other side. Click the image to find out more.

Fabulous 1960's footballer key chains shop display

Take a look at the 'Not games but....' section for more football nostalgia

Help find this legendary playground football

I'm keen to add this iconic football to my collection, do you have one stuffed in the back of the garden shed or on your garage roof?

Is this the messiest repair ever made?

Take a look at our 'Fancy a laugh' section for plenty more atrocities from the world of old football games!

Soccerama original prototype of the game

We all played this as kids but this is the original pre-production prototype of the game - complete with pen top counters!

Foot-It football target shooting game

Lovely 1920's game with kicking figure and a nice target board to aim at. Look out for the mystery hand!

Floodlit Football bagatelle (Kay)

The top of the range battery operated version of Kay's classic bagatelle game. This version is totally unused and sealed.

FKS Soccer Stars trump cards - set 2!

Iconic trump card set from FKS from 1977 or 78. Set 1 had individual players but this one, set 2, had lovely team group photos of Europe's greatest club sides, plus a few token local teams such as Bristol City, Cardiff and Arsenal.

Top Soccer

An unusual game created to showcase the classic pen top figures from the 1970s. Eight a side and incredibly rare. It's my ball and I'm going home if you don't let me win!!

Europa Cup

A large format wooden stadium with moulded plastic players that revolve on spindles. Possibly Italian, any information on this game would be most welcome.

Johnny's back!

Whenever the site sells a Johnny Hotshot set it's like losing a brother (literally as my brother is called Johnny!). I am pleased to say that I currently have a couple of sets and a few spares on offer.

Can you identify these mystery cereal premium figures?

Possibly Kelloggs or Shredded Wheat. There are a couple of other poses too. All help gratefully received.

Click on the link to see some beautifully painted figures from this series 

A celebration of homemade table football leagues

Admire the all conquering Jesmond Rovers 1951 squad and their legendary 10-3 win over the mighty Preston. W McGow scored six of the goals (the big goalhanger!)

Do you have any old notebooks full of imaginery leagues and teams?

Take a look at these new arrivals...


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