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Football Collector Coin Sets (under construction)

These fantastic collectable sets are normally issued by petrol companies but they also come from many other sources. 54 sets collected to date and counting....CLICK THE LINKS IN THE GREEN PANELS BELOW. Sandy coloured panels have not yet been completed.

Sorry for the delay in updating but I have lost the will to live after photographing all these sets!!

Contact me if you have any to buy or sell

 Shell 1969 Germany set Traum Elf (4-2-4) Belgium 1994 world cup set     Texaco FA cup winners 2007 hall of fame
 Shell 1969 Germany set Traum Elf (2-3-5) Dutch Voetbal top 20 1970  1998 Promatch World Cup Superstars player medallions Galp petrol Euro 2004 set
France 98 world cup medallion collection  Shell Germany Mexico 1970 set (board) Sainsburys England squad Euro 96 1998 Promatch England World Cup framed set
 Shell Germany Mexico 1970 set (folder)  Wotsits footy whooshers Sainsburys England world cup 1998 1998 Promatch Scotland World Cup framed set
 ESSO 1990 England and Scotland set  ESSO world cup 1970 England red folder Australian world cup squad 2006 (15 and 20 medal versions) Chelsea Champions 04/05
 ESSO world cup 1970 England blue board Texaco Famous Footballers 1969  Celtic team set 03/04 Manchester United team set
Benfica coin set  Porto coin set ESSO England 2010 world cup squad Wotsits Footie Flikka set
Sporting Lisbon coin set   Republic or Ireland 1994 world cup coin set 1998 Dutch world cup squad ESSO 1972 FA Cup coins
ESSO Top Team player discs 

1998   Golden Wonder Soccer Shields

Texaco England 2006 world cup squad France l'equipe medailles 1998
Elftal - Dutch wc 1990  Caltex 1990 world cup 2006 world cup teams (German) Belgian squad wc 1998
ESSO football club badges  2004 England squad Sainsburys  2006 world cup cities (German) ESSO Ireland Italia 90 set
 Borussia Dortmund COOP coin set 1998? Valencia 1996 coin set Caltex world cup 1990 framed set of country coins issued after the final Kaufring supermarket set of German 1974 world cup country coins
Barcelona gold trophy coins set  Brazil 1970 world cup squad pog coins Brazilian club team badges from 1970 pog coin set ProMatch Premiership medallions 1997
France 1999 medal collection by 'Continent' France Euro2016 coin collection in folder 2006 world cup top 25 countries (German)  


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