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340 games for you to enjoy!

Choose an old favourite, such as Striker, Subbuteo, Soccerama or Logacta, or simply pick a game at random - there is one with a catapult, one with scantily clad female players and one with large wooden boots(!)

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Action Football (Perma Toys)

Air Controlled Soccer Game - NEW

Airfix Football Game - NEW

Air Soccer

Argentina 78 - NEW

Association Football

Baby Jim Quoits (yes really!) - NEW

Balyna Football (No. 1 set)

Balyna Football (Junior set)

Balyna Super Soccer (magnetic)

Bang It In

Big League (card game) - NEW

Big League (Chad Valley)

Big League Kit Gallery

Billy Hamilton's Football Academy

Blow Football - NEW

Blow Football (Kevin Keegan) - NEW!

Brian Clough's Football Fortunes

Calcio Scudetto

Card Dice (Man Utd)

Carrow Road


Casdon Soccer/Casdon Football -  updated

Champions of Soccer


Chessball (The Manager)

Coin Football - NEW

Corinthian Soccer - NEW

Cue-Ball Soccer - NEW!

Cup Final Bagatelle

Cup Final (no makers name)

Cup Final (1952)

Cup Final (Peter Pan)

Cup Final (spin a sport)

The Cup Final (Story book game) NEW

Cup Final (Swedish Waddingtons) - NEW

Cup Final (Twee Games) - NEW

Cup Football (Bryplay)

Cup Run Solo

Cup Winner

Cyclone Soccer

Ding-Dong - NEW


Dua-Soc - NEW!

Electronic Soccer Shootout - NEW

England Football Board Game

England Squad Soccer Game (Casdon)

English Cup - NEW

Euro2000 game (Shreddies) - NEW

Europa Cup (unknown) - NEW

Europa Cup (Technofix)

European Cup (Jouet)

Family Challenge

Fantasy Manager

FC Rapid game - NEW

Finger Football (Junior) - NEW!

Fireside Football (Kum-Bak)

Fireside Football (Harlesden)

Fireside Football 90s

Five a side (Chad Valley) 2 versions

Five a side (Pepys)

Flik Shot (Pat Jennings) WANTED!

Flip Football

Floodlit Football bagatelle (Kay) - NEW


Football (Russian tin game)


Football Ace

Football At Home - NEW

Football Dominoes

Football Europa - NEW

Football Express (Subbuteo)

Football Game (ELC)

Football Game (Waddingtons)

Footballer of the Year (Gary Lineker)


Football Pool (BGL)

Foot-Ball Puce - NEW!

Football Speculator - NEW!

Football Stadium Perma

Football Tournament (book game) - NEW!


Footer Pool

Foot-It - NEW!


FTChamps (5 a side)

Full ????? Football - NEW

Fussball Schachspiel

Fussball Spiel

The Game of Football - NEW

Games in the Rain (KumBak)


Geyper Gol - NEW!

Girl Kick

Glida Football

Globall (kum-Bak)

Goal (spring bases) NEW!


Goal Chance

Goal Fever (Wembley)

Goalgetter Super Kicker - NEW!

Goal-It - NEW

Goalmate - NEW


Gola System Soccer

Golden Cup

Grand Slam

Great Football Game

Hipp Hipp Hurra - NEW

Homemade game 1

Homemade game 2

Home Soccer


Hot Shot (Tri-ang)

The International (1929)

International Football (Munro)

International Soccer (Evans)

International Soccer (USA) 

International Soccer Master

International Table Football

Italia 90 (DAS)

It's Soccer


Johnny Hot Shot

Junior League

Junior Striker

Kevin Keegan Play'n'Score - NEW!

Kick Off!

Kick Off (Anco)

Kick-Off! (Jordanhill College) - NEW

Kick Off (MB)

Kick Off Soccer

Kick Off Table Soccer - NEW

Kika Goal (fold out box pitch)!

Kika Goal (roll out pitch)

Kyle Rote Jr Soccer Game

League Championship

League Football - NEW!

Lecardo Football card game

Les Canonniers

Logacta Chart Soccer

Los Olimpicos



Magnetic Football

Magnetic football (Bell Games)


Master Manager (Liverpool)

Match Of The Day 80s

Match Of The Day 90s

Match of the Day (springs) - NEW

Match of the Day (week) - NEW

Match of the Week - NEW

Match Winner

Matchday (2 versions) - NEW!

Melox Football Game

Microstars Microdome (Corinthian) - NEW

Mini Match - NEW

Mini Soccer - NEW!

Mini World Cup Soccer

Monopoly (France 98)

Mortonson's World Cup Soccer - NEW

Mystery tin footballers

My Team card game

Newfooty - NEW

Newrugger (Newfooty) - NEW!

90 Minutes 1

90 Minutes 2

Olympia Match - NEW!

Pele Big Kick


Penalty Kick - NEW!

Penalty Kick (Chad Valley) - NEW!

Penalty Shot

Penny Soccer - NEW!

Peter Barnes Football Game - NEW

Playing For The Cup - NEW

Play Off Soccer

Pokkit Socca

Pot Shot - NEW

Power Kick - NEW

Premier League (TAF)

Premier Table Soccer 2000 (TAF)

Pro Action Football (deluxe set)

Professional Football Card Game - NEW!!

Pro Soccer (Australia)

Pro Soccer (USA)


Quizball (Tri-ang)

Real Men Soccer Set

Rola Soccer

Roy Of The Rovers

Rubstuds Socca Dice

Saint & Greavsie

Seamor Club Football game - NEW!

Sharpshooters (Kevin Keegan) - NEW

Shearer Shoot Out

Shoot 1920s

Shoot 1950s

Shoot 1970s

Shoot (the board game)

Shoot (Meccano, France)

Shoots and Ladders (George Best)

Shot and Goal - NEW

Simple Soccer - NEW!

Six a side (Kim Toys)

Skicker (Milan)

Skillball (George Best) - NEW!

Soccadoes - NEW!

Soccard - NEW


Soccatelle (miniature)



Soccer (EHP)

Soccer (Chad Valley)


Soccerama (prototype)

Soccer Bagatelle (Marx)

Soccer Bingo

Soccerboss (early)

Soccerboss 1969

Soccer Chess (old)

Soccer Chess (new)

Soccer Craft

Soccer Dice

Soccer Drama

Soccerette (3D players)

Soccerette (flat players)

Soccerette Junior - NEW!

Soccer - Football (AOA)

Soccer Game (Soccer World)

Soccer Game

Soccer Game (World Cup)

Soccer Graph

Soccer International (Casdon)

Soccer Manager

Soccer Master (Spurs version)


Soccer Maze - NEW!!

Soccer Puzzle - NEW!

Soccer Quiz Game


Soccer Stars trumps (FKS) - NEW

Soccer Supremo

Soccer Tac-tics

Soccer World Cup


Socrates (Newfooty) - NEW!

Socrates/Newrugger (Newfooty) - NEW!

Socrates (Newfooty) box set - NEW!

Sony Rental World Cup 82 set - NEW!

Spin a Win Football - NEW!

Spinner Winner - NEW!

Spin Soccer (Shredded Wheat) - NEW!

Spot Kicker (Shredded Wheat) - NEW!

Spot-On Soccer - NEW!

Squads (Subbuteo)

Stanmath - NEW!


Steve Goalgetter figure

Steve Goalgetter Goal Game Set - NEW

Street Cup (Playmobil)

Strike For Goal

Striker League Champions

Striker (Palitoy and Parker)

Subbuteo (Munich World Series set)


Super Club Football

Super Cup Football (Tomy)

Super Giocagoal

Super League Football Manager

Super Soccer

Super Soccer (Balyna)

Super-Star Soccer

Super Striker (later version)

Supremos 1967

Table Football - NEW

Table Football (Lincoln) - NEW

Table Soccer (Vernon no. 5)

Table Soccer (Merit)

Table Soccer (Waddingtons)

Table Top Soccer



TactiFoot - NEW!

TAF 4-2-4

TAF Pemier League (United v City) - NEW!


Team Football

Team Tactix

Tele-Foot - NEW

The Final Whistle

The Manager

The Manager (Chessball)


3 a Side

Throw a Winner

Tiddly Football

Tipp Kick

Tofa magnetic football - NEW

Top Club Soccer

Top Dice Football

Top Dividend

Top O' The League

Topscor - NEW

Top Scorer (Subbuteo)

Top Soccer - NEW

Top Team 1987 - NEW!

Top Team (Palitoy)

Top Team Soccer


Total Action 5 a side

Total Attack Soccer!

Training (Technofix) - NEW!

Traveller Football Game

Treble Chance 1983 - NEW

22 Player Soccer Game

Ulewin - NEW!

Wanda Football

Wannabee - NEW

We Are The Champions


Wembley Miniature Football

Whist (International)

Wibbly Wob - NEW!

Willie Football

Wooden Soccer Center - NEW!

World Class Football

World Cup

World Cup Football

World Cup Football (Minden) - NEW

World Cup Soccer Game

World Cup Soccer USA94

World Cup Tournament

World Cup Willie Bagatelle

World Soccer

World Soccer Game

Write the word 'football' - NEW!