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Soccer pinball GM Laboratories

A little hobbyette page. I purchased this superb old 1930s electro-magnetic pinball/bagatelle game at an auction. This is the story of my love affair with it. Sits perfectly amongst my old football game collection. The intention was to turn it into a coffee table/display item as it is unlikely to ever work again.

The original baseboard stripped of fittings and removed fromt he cabinet. Barely anything left after woodworm infestation. No idea how it is still in one piece!

I had it scanned and then digitally enhanced and printed onto a new piece of ply - photos to follow.


The scale of the woodworm. Do I keep this for posterity or just burn it?

I just can't bring myself to destroy it.

Th eelectrical bits,, all there but wiring deteriorated. Plenty of photos taken to help put the items into the new baseboard.
Close up of coin mechanism, ball return to help with reconstruction.
The goalkeeper motor, magnetic alternating so the keeper rod is pulled and pushed left and right automatically.
A figure on the new baseboard with new pins - an added onus is that they 'sing' when the ball hits them.

The new baseboard with some fitted parts - spring border, players, kicking mechansim, golas, keeper, rebounds, the corner flags and plunger neeed to be added.

Then of course sand and varnish border.



GM Soccer Pinball
GM Soccer Pinball
Sold as seen partially restored.
GM Soccer Pinball£99.00